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Tree Pruning

All pruning involves the selective removal of carefully chosen branches. Correct pruning cuts of trees should generally be made either back to a terminal bud or at a point just outside of the branch collar at a branch union. Pruning in this manner provides both the best appearance and best opportunity for the tree to effectively close the pruning wound. It is one of the things we do best and we are proud of the healthy and beautiful results we can achieve.The objective of pruning is to promote the safety, health, and appearance of trees and shrubs.

We do not "top" trees. Topping is an unacceptable practice that is harmful to trees and creates liability for both clients and arborists if performed. Despite multiple requests each year by potential clients, we will not perform this service. Instead, we work with our clients to determine their true objectives and suggest sound arboricultural practices that will meet their goals without harming the trees.

We also do not use spurs when pruning trees. Climbing spurs (also known as spikes or gaffs) are only to be used when removing trees as they create unnecessary holes. Trees are living organisms and each cut or hole we make is a wound that the tree must allocate resources to effectively close. These wounds are not only unsightly, they are an invitation to pests, an injury to the vital cambium layer, and an opportunity for infection by cross-contamination from the spikes themselves.

All tree pruning services are performed in accordance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) A300 standards.

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